Writing Policies

Create policies which can validate, mutate, and generate resources as well as perform verification of container images.

Policy Settings

Common configuration for all rules in a policy.

Select Resources

Use match and exclude to filter and select resources.

Mutate Resources

Modify resource configurations.

Verify Images

Check image signatures and add digests

Validate Resources

Check resource configurations for policy compliance.

Generate Resources

Create additional resources based on resource creation or updates.


Create an exception to an existing policy using a PolicyException.


Automate the resource cleanup process by using a CleanupPolicy.


Data-driven policies for reuse and intelligent decision making

External Data Sources

Use data from ConfigMaps, the Kubernetes API server, and image registries in Kyverno policies.


Control policy rule execution based on variables.

Auto-Gen Rules for Pod Controllers

Automatically generate rules for Pod controllers.

Background Scans

Manage applying policies to existing resources in a cluster.

Tips & Tricks

Tips and tricks for writing more effective policy.


The JSON query language behind Kyverno.

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