Client Queries

This metric can be used to track the number of queries per second (QPS) from Kyverno.

Metric Name


Metric Value

Counter - An only-increasing integer representing the total number of policy-level changes associated with a metric sample.

Use cases

  • The cluster admin wants to track how many queries per second Kyverno is making to the Kubernetes API server

Filter Labels

LabelAllowed ValuesDescription
operationcreate, get, list, update, update_status, delete, delete_collection, watch, patchOperation performed
client_typedynamic, kubeclient, kyverno, policyreportClient type
resource_kindResource kind
resource_namespaceResource Namespace

Useful Queries

  • kyverno_client_queries_total
  • rate(kyverno_client_queries_total{client_type="dynamic"}[5m])
  • increase(kyverno_client_queries_total{client_type="dynamic"}[5m])
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