Admission Requests Counts

This metric can be used to track the number of admission requests which were triggered as a part of Kyverno.

Metric Name


Metric Value

Counter - An only-increasing integer representing the count of admission requests associated with a sample.

Use cases

  • The cluster admin wants to know how many admission requests were triggered in the last 24h hence, know how active Kyverno has been.
  • The cluster admin wants to know what percentage of total incoming admission requests to Kyverno correspond to the incoming resource creations.

Filter Labels

LabelAllowed ValuesDescription
resource_kind“Pod”, “Deployment”, “StatefulSet”, “ReplicaSet”, etc.Kind of this resource
resource_namespaceNamespace in which this resource lies
resource_request_operation“create”, “update”, “delete”If the requested resource is being created, updated, or deleted.

Useful Queries

  • Total admission requests triggered in the last 24h:

  • Percentage of total incoming admission requests corresponding to resource creations:

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